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It seems is not the first time but sunday, nov 1st at 11:29 I stopped at this location at Doral in the corner of Sedano to put some gas on my car. When the pump finished, charged 43.57$ but there no more than 15 miles of gas.

I complaint inside and the man inside said he can not do anything cause was not an expert and the manager was out. I called the police and filled a report. Thet said to go back today to return my money and this morning needed to call the police again cause the manager was worst and he told me it does not matter any police report they do not return money and that I can call the regional manager or the CEO of the company he is the one who decides there.

I needed to dispute the charge and I am hiring an attorney not just cause they STEAL my money but cause they can do it to another people. I am working on teh national media and the story will be aired.

Reason of review: Even with a police officer in front of me, manager said that it was "his policy" not return the money they charged to my credit card woithout gas!!.

Monetary Loss: $44.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Demeaning towards women, Poor dishonest service, Poor.

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BTW what the manager told you about getting in contact with the CEO of the company is False. That was his way of demeaning you.

Something he did Not tell you is that most of these gas stations are Franchises and have private OWNERS. He wasn't going to tell you that because it wouldn't be convenient for him!! I still suggest calling corporate and reporting him. Make sure you tell them that you want the OWNER to know about this incident which is what they usually do from what I understand.

You can also contact Channel 7 news via website they have a segment there called "Help Me Howard". Tell them about your incident maybe they will air it. You should have gotten your money back but this man like to have the last say no matter what the situation is. He is strange and child like not to mention hot tempered.

Wanting to win as if its something personal instead of wanting to bring customers back. Also tell them another person (me) had an incident in this Exact location, which is documented since I reported him. Mine wasn't a legal matter it was a behavior matter.

He has a VERY bad temper and zero respect for women and should NOT be working in "Customer Service". The owner needs to be Aware of this mans conduct.


I had an issue in the EXACT location in Doral! Which gives me Red Flags about this man who works there.

I now know its not an isolated incident with misbehavior and disrespect and in my case serious aggression. It was with a man who just might be the manager being that I've gone to that gas station for 2 years and not many men work there. The younger guy that works there is very nice and professional. The horrible on is in his late 50's early 60's with a mustache.

He was VERY aggressive with me I am a woman in my 30's. I will be writing about my incident with this horrible man on here as well. I will Join you with your lawyer if you want!! If you want you can provide the information of your lawyers office and and name so I can speak with he or she and tell them about my HORRIFIC experience with this Violent, Unprofessional man.

I see a Consistency in this Establishment most likely by the same Man!! I suggest (which is what I did) that you call this number with is Exxon Mobile Corporate number 1-800-243-9966 and press option #4 Tell them in Detail everything that occurred with date, time, location. If you don't know the name of the manager that was demeaning to you describe him to the person on the phone. Also do a Review on "Yelp" and Google Review.

This will help the "Owner" know that there are some serious red flags going on with this mans behavior being that its not an isolated incident.

i too will do reviews which was a different incident that yours which occurred in October of 2015 and I reported it to corporate.

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Go to the Florida website and find the agency that regulates gasoline stations. Call them and tell them what happened. Make sure you call the FLORIDA agency, not one in Mehico.

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